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We’re the top choice retaining wall installer Windcrest residents can count on. Besides installation we provide block wall repair Windcrest embankments and flatwork both residential and commercial. Our contracting team is native to Texas so we know the ins and outs of proper and efficient breast wall work in Windcrest.

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Retaining Walls Windcrest TX

Your company of Supporting Wall Experts – There are many different embankment wall services we can provide as a contractor to commercial business and home owners in the Windcrest, TX area. Whether you need us to do custom residential masonry work leading to the home’s entryway, install a new driveway, perform installation of garage slabs, or work on designing new patios for the front and back area of your home, we offer these, and other residential services to our business clients and customers, click here. We’re a fully licensed, bonded, and insured wall service company. And, all of our company specialists are licensed in residential work, so we guarantee the best outcome and your satisfaction, for any and all residential…

Retaining Wall Builders Windcrest

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Retaining walls Windcrest work is done by a qualified and experienced contractor. Our work and equipment are backed by a 100% Guarantee designed to give business clients peace of mind. We will not consider our work done until the customer is 100% satisfied with the result.

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We don't believe in chasing savings if it is going to sacrifice quality. While we aim to be cost-efficient, our policy and priority is still to provide the best and the highest quality service, as well as ensure that the results are safe and long-lasting. Contact us now.

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We have a solid reputation in the areas we cover. We have provided years of quality service to our local business clients, and have built strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Our work and the long list of satisfied clients will speak on our behalf.

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We are always on top of industry developments and are constantly upgrading our skillsets and equipment. This ensures that the service we provide are as good and safe as current industry standards require.

Types of Retaining Walls We Build

Block Wall Repair in TX

At Windcrest Block Walls, our goal as a contractor company is to provide you with the very best wall construction services at the very best price. We tackle all size projects with Texas pride and Texas quality. No job is too large or too small for our area crew at Windcrest.

Natural Stone

Stone Block

Concrete Block



Sheet Piling


Retaining Walls Help with Lawn Care, Serves as a Border for Your Landscape. Call us now.

Natural Stone

As the name implies, this type of embankment uses natural stone in order to shape dirt into forms that it would not remain in under normal conditions. It’s very helpful when it comes to managing rain flow, preventing flooding or excessive moisture on the dirt. They also have a very specific look that works best on nature-themed landscapes and can serve as accents to outdoor patios, garden lawn, flowerbeds, and seating areas.

Stone Block

Natural stone is a very popular building material for landscape walls. And it’s for a very good reason – there are various options when it comes to aesthetics, which ensure that there’s always one that can go along with your existing theme or design. Our team of contractors will go out of their way to ensure that you will get the kind of natural stone block that fits in with your existing landscaping layout.


Brick holding walls are preferred by clients that want a durable abutment with a classic innovative look, while still remaining cost-effective. There are times when these types of bricks are easier to procure, making them cost less compared to other types of walls.

Concrete Block

Concrete walls are very common for both residential and commercial properties. It’s because they provide a great deal of strength using a very common material that also features a modern aesthetic. They tend to last long and are very durable.


Wood walls are not as common as the other types of landscape supporting walls, but they are still sought after because they provide a natural rustic look. Wood holding walls are also very versatile when it comes to aesthetics, as they can be incorporated into designs that add natural stones.


Cantilever border walls rely on enhanced concrete with a custom base slab and a slim stem. It features a base landscape structure fixed to an item structure and will use an “L” shaped support structure. This prevents any heavy load of lawn soil from tipping the masonry over. The backfill area will also help improve stability, preventing reversing or gliding. The maintenance is therefore easier. A retaining cantilever type wall is one of the sturdiest types of embankments, but they are very complex to design and build.


Secured retaining walls are anchored directly into the structure behind them, connected using a cord or strip, which is where it gets its name from. This is more suited to applications that require streamlined and slender walls that would otherwise be too weak.

Sheet Piling

If there is limited available lawn room or spacing constraints, a sheet piling might be what’s needed. This type of wall drives a slim wall surface area directly into the dust or an incline. It is suited to areas with soft dirt, and the wall surface typically has a ridged or grooved surface in order to boost its support capability. 


A gravity type wall relies on the mass of the materials used in order to withstand the pressure from the lawn backend and preserve the structure of the soil. It gets more secure when it starts to lean backwards towards the soil it’s supposed to retain. It is a very simple concept, but requires proper design, time, and application in order to do the job.

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We will contact you in time in order to discuss your project, needs, and budget. We can do the consultation over the phone, but may require an on-site visit to provide face to face suggestions if the situation permits or requires it. We will assess your situation carefully, and provide ideas, suggestions, and address expectations to ensure that you will get the best value for your money. We want to make sure that the client understands everything in our quotation, and that there will be no hidden charges or unexpected delays. We are committed to full transparency, and we want clients to approve everything first before we commence work.

Step 2: Professional Service

Once the quotation is approved and the details of the project are ironed out, we will send our company staff to the site on the agreed-upon schedule. We aim to schedule our business work where there will be minimal disruption, as this will benefit the client while also helping our staff do the best job possible. Our contractors are trained to work with minimal supervision, but it is best if the client is on hand is we need more information regarding the site.

Step 3: Receive Guaranteed Workmanship

We will not consider a project complete until the client is satisfied and we have ensured that there will be no further problems after our construction work. After the initial work is done, we may still discuss some things with the client if there are potential issues that need addressing in the future, or if they need more work done. We go over our work with the client and explain everything thoroughly. We will also explain our guarantee, to make sure that the client has nothing to worry about. Contact Us. We are always one phone call away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need a Supporting Wall?

Holding walls are built to prevent soil from slumping or washing away. They can be made of concrete blocks, lumber or stone, and are often used to elevate the ground level of one side of a house or garage—to prevent water pooling and mold growth, for example. A well-built landscape embankment protects your property and can add valuable living space to your property. But like any construction project, there are risks. In this case, a wall that isn’t built to code or falls during a storm can damage your property and your neighbor’s property. For these reasons, these types of projects should be left to the professionals.

How Long Do Block Walls Last?

Retaining Walls WindcrestA supporting wall is a crucial part of many commercial and residential lawn or landscape construction projects. They are used to support the sides of hills and contain soil to prevent erosion. Though some holding walls are made of natural rock, it is often more economical to use concrete blocks. As a result, concrete retaining blocks have become the material of choice for the vast majority of homeowners and contractors because of ease of maintenance. We specialize in building supporting walls made of concrete blocks. We are a family-owned business that has been in the industry for over 30 years of time, and our services include new construction, repair, and refurbishment of existing walls. We also offer free estimates on all of their projects so you know exactly how much something will cost.

Things to Look for When Checking for the Need of a Supporting Wall Repair

A block retaining wall is a retaining structure that consists of an earthen or masonry structure that is built along the slope of a hillside, dam, lawn or embankment that is designed to support the soil above it. This is used to either provide a means to redirect the flow of water, or to hold back the soil from a cut or depression in the land. When the masonry wall is not strong enough to do its job, it may need the help of a holding wall repair professional construction firm to figure out if the property needs repairs.

How to Maintain a Supporting Wall

A cutoff wall is a retaining structure made of stone, cement, or other materials that can be used to provide support and hold back dirt, rocks, or soil. Most of these walls are vertical, but some are slanted, and others are even curved. They are often used to hold back soil that would otherwise wash away due to rain, erosion, or other natural processes. These  walls can be found in many places, including on the sides of hills, next to rivers and streams, in lakeside homes, and around swimming pools and other bodies of water. Holding walls are a great way to add value to your home, improve the appearance of your property, and protect it from erosion. If you want to maintain your wall, you’ll need to learn how to clean, repair, and even replace it. Don’t wait until you have a wall emergency to learn proper construction maintenance; doing so can save you money, and prevent you from having to pay a contractor to replace it. Just like any other structure, these walls require some care and maintenance to stay in good condition.

What's the Strongest Type of Holding Wall?

Holding walls are landscape structures used to hold back earth and stabilize slopes on a property. There are many different types of walls, but they can generally be categorized into two groups: earthen and reinforced concrete. Earthen walls, sometimes called gravity walls, are built of loose earth excavated during the wall’s construction and can be completely natural or held together with wire, steel, or other materials. Reinforced landscape concrete walls are typically mass concrete structures that are reinforced with steel bars within the mix of concrete poured to build the masonry wall. All reinforced concrete walls have steel rebar that is embedded into the concrete. Some reinforced concrete walls are simply reinforced retaining concrete walls, while others are being built with a special plastic wall that has steel mesh embedded into it.

How Much Does it Cost?

A stone retaining border wall is a great option for homeowners looking to add a beautiful, natural element to their landscape. However, stone walls aren’t cheap. They can cost thousands of dollars to install, especially if you want a wall that’s more than a few feet tall and that is built from materials that are of a higher quality.

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